Single Cell Network Profiling (SCNP™)

SCNP is an innovative, proprietary technology platform that reveals functional biology at the single cell level

Nodality’s SCNP is a multiparametric flow cytometry-based technology platform that reveals complex functional biology to inform more effective drug development.

Functional signaling uncovers opportunities for target characterization and interrogation of drug activity

SCNP facilitates interrogation of a wide array of biological phenomena – pathway function, cell-cell cross talk, apoptosis and DNA damage – by measuring signaling networks in millions of cells at the single cell level.

SCNP has been optimized to deliver consistent results with high-throughput flow-cytometry

Nodality’s core technology provides robust human cell-based translational models of disease, drug action and patient-specific response. It allows the simultaneous measurement of both extracellular surface markers and changes in intracellular signaling proteins.

In order to enable high-throughput, highly reproducible application of the SCNP platform in diverse settings, Nodality employs standardized procedures, laboratory and data management processes, and sophisticated computational methodologies.

Measuring changes in signaling proteins enables functional differentiation, which cannot be assessed by basal signaling alone

Using SCNP, human samples are treated ex vivo with modulators (e.g. stimulants, inhibitors) with precise control of dosage, kinetics, treatment combinations, experimental controls, and cellular environment to invoke intracellular biological responses. The biological state resulting from these conditions is quantified in several cell types by simultaneously measuring multiple intracellular and extracellular protein modifications in each cell.

Nodality’s advanced analytics infrastructure transforms experimental data into actionable information

The large volume and high-dimensional data resulting from SCNP generates biological results at an unprecedented level of precision across layers of granularity (pathway, cell subtype, and single cell level). The resulting datasets enable drug developers and other customers to:

  • Make go/no-go decisions regarding a potential product compound
  • Choose molecule(s) to pursue for further development
  • Select a target patient population
  • Select the appropriate dose
  • Select biomarkers for patient selection
  • Validate their target and mechanism of action

Using our proprietary laboratory informatics software SCNPLab™ and advanced analysis tools including SCNPDataPortal™, Nodality transforms data into actionable information. SCNP analysis provides powerful insights into signaling networks within single cells, interactions between cell subtypes within heterogeneous tissues, and the impact of therapeutic modulation. Analysis and visualization capabilities include a web-enabled software platform that allows visual exploration of data and results for each study objective.

Solutions throughout the drug development process

Utilizing the resulting insights into functional signaling, we are able to address customer study objectives that range from candidate selection to understanding mechanism of action and development of predictors of therapeutic response.

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Functional Insights