Solutions for Drug Developers

By revealing function in an unprecedented way with our proprietary technology, Nodality enables smart drug development throughout the full R&D process. Our customers realize the benefits of better-informed decisions across a very broad spectrum of activities, including:

Better Informed Decisions

Disease Profiling - Fundamental to any discovery and development program is a solid understanding of the biology underlying the disease state such as:

  • Disease-specific profiling of signaling within defined cell populations and subsets
  • Identification of new targets
  • Identification of cell–cell interactions relevant to disease and treatment effects
  • Identification of subtypes of disease to guide early-stage drug development and patient selection in clinical trials

Drug Profiling - Facilitate rational development of therapeutic agents, including small molecules and biologics:

  • Uncover on-target and off-target mechanisms of action
  • Compare targeting, potency and selectivity of drugs
  • Creation of a rational basis for combination therapy to optimize efficacy and minimize undesirable drug interactions

Clinical Development - Enhance the chances for clinical and market success:

  • Enablement of rational combination therapies
  • PD markers in whole blood
  • Clinical trial design directed by defined patient groups
  • Facilitate competitive differentiation
  • Companion diagnostics

Life Cycle Management - Achieve additional benefits after a drug has reached the market:

  • Biological basis for competitive positioning
  • Drug expansion and repurposing
  • Diagnostic and monitoring tests

Solutions for drug developers across disease areas

Nodality’s scientific and informatics teams have expertise in achieving solutions across a variety of disease areas, including oncology, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. By applying SCNP™, Nodality offers broad sets of capabilities within each therapeutic area that addresses BioPharma challenges in Oncology, Immunology and other areas.

Solutions by Disease Area